Arkansas Crisis Intervention Team

Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) training is a 40-hour course of instruction completed within a one-week period. CIT training is law enforcement training for sworn law enforcement officers with some level of street experience. The 40-hour CIT curriculum is best delivered to officers who have volunteered for the training, and met criteria to become CIT Officers. Although the training is designed for sworn police officers, many programs encourage other relevant professionals involved in the community crisis response system to participate. This may include emergency communication center personnel, fire or emergency medical services personnel, or individuals working with other CIT involved agencies. CIT International encourages participation of non-sworn individuals in CIT trainings to the extent this supports the collaboration necessary for effective CIT response to mental health crisis or is a direct benefit to the overall program.

The presence of non-sworn individuals in CIT classes can be an invaluable asset in bridging gaps and building rapport among community partners. However, because the participation of non-sworn individuals in the training could change the class environment and impact officer engagement, CIT International recommends limiting nonsworn participation to no more than 10-20% per class. This supports collaboration and relationship building without significantly impacting the overall training experience for sworn personnel.

Additionally, to support buy-in, as well as collaboration and transparency, CIT International recommends that CIT training programs also allow for interested individuals who have some connection to the overall CIT program in a community to observe trainings, with the understanding that as observers, their participatory role in the training is limited. This also extends to media. Again, this should be done thoughtfully so that it does not disrupt or compromise the training environment.

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