NAMI Releases NFL Star Chris Hubbard “Strength Over Silence” Video

Arlington, VA – NAMI today released the latest installment in the “Strength Over Silence” docuseries highlighting the personal story of Chris Hubbard, offensive tackle for the Cleveland Browns. Hubbard’s video was created to raise awareness about mental health conditions, help eliminate stigma and encourage people to seek help.

“It can be difficult at times for anyone living with a mental health condition to receive the care they need, but everyone deserves equal access to the right treatment at the right time in their community,” said Angela Kimball, Acting CEO. “We appreciate Chris Hubbard’s efforts and openness to decrease the stigma that creates barriers to care.”

In the video, Hubbard speaks to young football players about his own mental health struggles. He talks about the unique challenges and pressures of playing competitive sports, societal expectations and the importance of asking for help. Reflecting on his youth, Hubbard says, “we were told that if you’re going through something, you might want to push through it, nothing’s wrong with you, be a man. And we never realize it until we get to this deep point in life to where we were like, man, something is going on with me.”

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